Aerodynamic domain

The basic notions of aerodynamics are taught in the first year and continued during the second year of the core curriculum. Students who wish to deepen their knowledge can take specialized courses in the third year: external aerodynamics, internal aerodynamics, numerical aerodynamics and turbulence. The proximity of the Pprime laboratory gives us access to the school’s subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels for studies. Especially since the wind tunnels available at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d’Aérotechnique (ENSMA) are among the last “affordable” wind tunnels in France.

Some examples of studies

Date: 2018

Goal: To study the propulsion of an ultralight with a paddle wheel the size of a bicycle wheel. Conduct a theoretical study to determine the rotational speed of the paddle wheel to obtain a thrust equivalent to a propulsion speed of 10 to 15 m/s.

Date: 2020

Objective: To study the performance of high lift devices to meet the ULM standards at low speed.